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RRS will be delivering a number of activities promoting sustainable waste management within Derby and Derbyshire. Click on the links below to find out more information:

Dealing with Derby and Derbyshire's waste more sustainably

Derbyshire County Council, Derby City Council and the eight district/borough councils have developed the Joint Municipal Waste Management Strategy (June 2006) to look at how the amount of municipal waste being produced, and sent to landfill, can be reduced. The strategy provides a framework for how municipal solid waste will be dealt with in the County and City over the next 20 years to ensure that Government targets are met.

In Derby City and Derbyshire, over 500,000 tonnes of municipal waste is collected each year. In 2010/11, approximately 279,000 tonnes was sent to landfill – enough waste to fill almost a third of Wembley Stadium.

We can't keep relying on landfill:

  • We must act to reduce the environmental impact of landfill - when waste is landfilled it creates methane which is a potent greenhouse gas
  • Derby City Council and Derbyshire County Council could face costs of millions of pounds if they don't meet strict targets to reduce landfill – which could see Council Tax increase.

RRS' solution will deal with waste in Derby and Derbyshire sustainably and in accordance with the waste hierarchy – encouraging minimisation of waste, increasing materials recovered for recycling, before generating energy from the remaining waste and so diverting waste from landfill.

The waste hierarchy diagram below shows how the different ways in dealing with waste fit together, and that reduction, re-use and recycling of waste should always be the first option. RRS will work with the Councils to minimise the amount of waste produced and to encourage households to recycle as much as possible. The Councils of Derbyshire have set a joint recycling target of 55% by 2020.

The Waste Hierarchy

However, not all waste can be managed this way, and extra facilities are needed to deal with the waste left after recycling/composting has taken place to reduce the amount sent to landfill. RRS is looking to develop new facilities across Derby and Derbyshire - to meet targets to increase recycling levels and divert waste from landfill.

Waste awareness

RRS will be delivering a number of activities across Derby and Derbyshire to promote waste minimisation. These will include household campaigns and roadshows.

View more information about Derbyshire County Council's activities and Derby City Council's activities.